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ESIC exame paper on memory based.

 2nd shift.

Q.1.for memory and cognitive domain whiche procedure are used before epilepsy surgery. 

Q.2.whiche of the following stage gonad are developed?. 

Q.3. Which of the following system are not develop in mesoderm. 

Q.4.which of the following conditions iron are absorbed.

Q.5.durning DPT administration a client developed low grade fever.oedema etc.primary nsg.action.

Q.6.blood pressure are measured by.

Q.7.silver revolution are indicated which of the following conditions. 

Q.8.largest economic bank in world. 

Q.9.Durning epilepsy the primary nsg.action

Q.10.a 10 hour newborn developed large amount of mucus secretion and cyanosis.primary nsg.action. transfusion hepatitis. 

Q.12. Breast feeding are contraindicated in following conditions. 

Q.13.primary critical element of Apgar scoring.

Q.14.after post transplantation of kidney the urine out put check in following conditions. 

Q.15 primary purpose of administrataton of vitamin.k.

Q.17.primary puropes of covering the eye during phototherapy. 

Q.18.H2 blocker drug of choice in liver disease. 

Q.19.drug of choice in prophylaxis. 

Q.20.whiche of the following primary action in post hip arthroplasty.

Q.21.whice of following action are done in mgso4 toxicity.

Q.22.PHC are established in how many population. 

Q.23.primary dog bite rabies.

Q.24.what do u mean by ASHA.

Q.25.whiche of the following area ASHA are not place.

Q.26.whiche of the following elements are administered in rickets. 

Q. 27.GGC are done in following conditions. 

Q.28.what are function and location of the leading cell.

Q.29.which of following psychotherapy are used in obsession remuneration. 

Q.30.which of the following conditions are contraindicated in IUD administration. 

Q.31.neck rigidity are occurring in following conditions. deep partial thickness burn following action are done.

Q.33.what do u means by millia.

Q.34.what do u means by DOTS. 

Q.35.a PT.have weight 80.60 kg.the nurse developed the diet plan.
carbohydrate 60 kg.and sodium 5 gm.whiche of following plan are included in the

Q.36.plague are caused by following agent. coronary artery disease following risk factors are included. 

Q. 38.human egg are contain.

Q.39.umbillical cord are contain.

Q.40.prepration of sperms after entry of sperms in vaginal.?.

Q.41 reminent of ducts arteriosclerosis.

Q.42.which of the following reasons in the closing of foramen oval.

Q.43. whiche of following drug are chemotherapeutic drug.

Q.44.a low platelets count following cell are urine.

Q.45.langerhans of islet are pr. In following part of Pancreas. 

Q.46.G-cell are following part.

Q.47.example of Natural passive immunity. 

Q.48.implantation are occur in following day.

Q.49.ovary are secreated following are hormone. 

Q.50.corpus lutium are developed by.?

Q.51 in anorexia nervous following primary nsg.action.

Q.52.whiche hormone are secreated by corpus lutium. 

Q.53.a M.C.28 day.what are ovulation day.

Q.54.neonate heart rate.

Q.55 .afrer amniotomy what nurse are expected. 

Q.56.after 1 hour birth of the baby the response of baby.? cystic fibrosis what are done by nurse.

Q.58.whiche hereditary disease are associated with aneurysm. open wound what are the nsg.action.

Q.60 .in severe dehydration following conditions are occur. infant what are the purpose of play.

Q.62.father of group thearpy. 

Q.63.thousand ml NS are infused in 8 hour.calculate the drop per minute. 

Q.64.location of thyroid. 

Q.65.blood pressure are controls by.?.

Q.66.anemia occur in following conditions. 

Q.67.what are the medical treatment of M.I.

Q.68.following are main organ in respiration.

Q.69.causes of cholera.

Q.70.causes of syphilis. 

Q.71.erb palsy.

Q.72.diagnosis of meningitis. 

Q.73.what are the pre renal causes of renal failure. 

Q. 74.part of sperm which are used in fertilization. 

Q.75.functional unite of kidney.

Q.76 power house of the cell.

Q.77.moro reflex action.

Q.78.causes of rabies. 

Q.79.intial mat.of sun burn. jugular vein distation position. 

Q.81.which hormone are secreated by ovary.

Q.82.undescent testis. rickets which element are replaced. 

Q.84.stool in cholera..

Q.85.largest economic bank in world.

Q.86.root square of 0.15,0.35,0.21.

Q.87.a class total students 49 the rank of a girl Is 16 below. What the rank this In uppar side.

Q.88.hieght of Mount arrest.

Q.89.chip of the computer are made up by?.


Q.91 .meaning of harvest.

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